The guide to replace a dashcam in 2007 BMW 335i

This is my 2007 BMW 335i hardtop convertible, I’ll be installing a dashcam as I was recently a victim of a hit and run and while I already had a dashcam. he didn’t record anything because it didn’t have parking mode. this was my old dashcam which was bulky and plugged into my cigarette lighter and it turned off when the car was off.

This is what the front dashcam looks like that I brought, it comes with some mounts and a 32 gig micro SD card and adapter.

First I need to get to the fuse box by turning the two knobs on these sides, then pull out the cover which actually holds the fuse diagram on the back. I used a Torx t25 to loosen the grounding post screw. Use a wire crimper and connect to a diffused to the battery and accessory wires of the thing, we’re hardwiring cables.

Use the fuse diagram to locate the battery and accessory fuses. On my 93, they refuse number 53 and 57. Remove the fuse puller and use it to clamp down on the fuse and pull out. Insert the original fuse into the defuse on the side closer to the prongs. Use a new fuse for the other side, this dash cam only requires a 3 amp fuse, but I’m matching the amperage of the original fuse. Attach the grounding terminal to the grounding bolt and tighten the bolt.

Replace the original fuse with a new add a fuse assembly back in the correct spots. Pull the wires around to the side and then through the hole to the bottom.

Estimate how much cable you’ll need and then just start hiding the cable by using a plastic trim tool to tuck it in. In some places you may have to pry some parts off. I ran the rear cable along the passenger side.

This is the rear cam, I don’t have a rear window to attach it to since it’s a convertible, I then attach the front cam.

The dash cam slides into the mount and it clicks when it’s on. Youcan see the indicator lights for when the recording GPS and Wi-Fi are on to set up the dash cam.

The video is full 1080p HD resolution with a 140-degree wide angle lens. It covers a lot. The 32 gig micro SD card which is included stores over 400 minutes of continuous footage before looping begins to erase older files.

It’s very clear and bright, and I selected time-lapse for the parking model, there are other energy-saving options such as having it turn on within one second when motion or impact is detected by the built-in sensor.

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