The BMW Factory Bulb to Bi-xenon Projector Conversion Review

This is the BMW f30 conversion, we just finished up starting from inside the car, just to show you absolutely no error codes or any kind of flickering with these setups. This is the Aozoom H1 bi xenon projector, I’m going to go ahead and turn on the lights. As you can see the lights are on just added the fog lights so you can see there’s absolutely no error codes or anything coming up and lights are turning on. These are low and high beam and the high beam functions along side with the original factory halogen high beam.

It’s bi-xenon you can see the shield’s lift up, it’s almost like a box top and you get extra light coming out of both the low and high beam. I am going to turn off the engine at least keep the ignition on. I’m just trying to show you guys there’s absolutely no hardware shown over here no ballasts, everything is tucked in underneath the bumper cover. These are full plug-and-play with the highlights and Aozoom bulbs no error codes. It is wide and they sharp cutoff line with the blue and the purple.

These are the DTM style halos that were installed that made by diode dynamics these are made in the United States. I’m going to just put on the halos, these are just as bright as the OEM halos not maybe a little brighter giving you that ultimate factory BMW look. That’s really what we specialize in making everything fit like factory function, so these are fully adjustable, no debris, no fingerprints, no issues. These are tough lights to work with the ceilings extremely. It looks like a factory headlight, you got the nice thick diffusers which are a factory style. They’re both the same size 120 millimeters between low and high.

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