What is the Best Way to Drive to Save Fuel

If you are one of those who use the car every day, follow these simple tips to save fuel and take more care of your pocket.

1. Check your tire pressure

Carrying the tires with the pressure indicated by each manufacturer will allow us to drive more efficiently, in addition to increasing our road safety.

Driving with a pressure lower or higher than indicated significantly reduces fuel efficiency.

save fuel

2. Maintain a constant speed

Always seek to maintain a uniform speed during your travels. With driving as smooth as possible, avoiding braking and acceleration, we will not be able to spend more fuel than necessary.

3. Change gears at low revolutions

Experts recommend driving, whenever possible, with long gears and low revolutions. Ideally, in the case of using gasoline, it is to change gears between 2000 and 2500 revolutions, while in the case of using diesel, it recommended changing between 1500 and 2000 revolutions. Remember it!

4. Reduce unnecessary loads

This tip is very useful, especially when you travel. How many times have you told yourself “this I take it just in case”? You should know that it is not just a matter of space (that too), but driving too much unnecessary weight will also affect fuel consumption.

save fuel

5. Do not abuse the air conditioning or heating

You should know that it is not the same to turn on the air as the heating. Heating consumes much less since heat is released directly from the running engine.

While the air conditioner depends on each situation: the higher the temperature is outside, the more effort the engine will have to make to cool the air. In general terms, extra consumption can increase by around 5% and 20%, in the worst case.

If you have read this far, you have no excuses! Put these simple tips into practice, and your car will thank you.

The new BMW 4 Series has been hunted carrying a huge front grille

BMW has suffered a leak again; this time is the new Series 4 the protagonist with an imposing front captained by two large kidneys

A few days ago, we were ahead of the impending BMW M3 thanks to a leak, a play that has repeated with the Series 4. The coupe variant of the German saloon was hinted a few months ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show through a concept car. This prototype, which response to the name of Concept 4, showed some muscular and sporting lines, although exaggerated by their condition. Not in vain, we have been able to witness the front of the future Series 4 production thanks to an Instagram filtration, through which we distinguish much of its front.

The latest renovations of the German firm have generated quite a controversy for a design detail: the size of its grill. This result has caused the internet to plague with memes and cartoons of BMW cars, but the truth is that everything indicates that with the new Series 4, they have had no doubts. It was with the concept where we could appreciate a very aggressive design language, in part, thanks to the imposing front that governs it.

From this filtration, we can glimpse a shameful front to the bottom that points to its carrier are the future BMW 4 Series. In the absence of observing the rest of his body, we notice some muscular and strong lines that further settle his condition of a coupe. However, it is the large front grill that grabs all our attention.

BMW 4 Series

Two kidneys of considerable dimensions occupy a large part of the front thanks to its length, causing both pilots and defense to go to the background. At the moment, we can only appreciate the front area of ​​this supposed Series 4, a model that will resort to the same rear lenses as those present in the current Series 3 G20.

At the mechanical level, we can expect the same cast of engines that the saloon variant presents so that both diesel and gasoline propellers will be available. The power will be sent directly to the rear axle and, optionally, can be equipped with the xDrive all-wheel-drive system. We also anticipate the arrival of the M430i and M4, which will position as the most sporty and performance variants of the range.

At the moment, BMW maintains a thunderous silence about Series 4, a vehicle that could see the t10 led bulb light in the next edition of the Geneva Motor Show. In this way, the German firm would have practically renewed its entire range of models, which has just signed up for an innovative path but true to the essence of BMW.

The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is already a reality and these are its main rivals

The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe just landed on the market with a lot of force, but there are already two rivals ready to fight him.

BMW has moved again with the newly introduced Series 2 Gran Coupe, a model that not only is responsible for presenting a new option within the range but also to advance to the future Series 2. But the German firm decided to go to a niche that was already worked by other brands, although it is true that few have dared to do so. With this premise, BMW has managed to give life to a new war within the automotive sector, which could encourage other brands to enter the segment of coupe sedans.

The Series 2 Gran Coupe inherits the concept of its big brother, the 8 Series Gran Coupé, although we can perceive the influence clear of Serie 1. Thanks to its body more stylized, the German firm has managed to offer a more subtle and elegant design but, is this enough to stand up to its main rivals? Let’s find out.

Audi A3 sedan

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes-Benz can consider as the precursor brand of this four-door coupe concept. It was around 2004 when the star firm launched CLS, a model that captivated everyone with its elegant and sporty design and with an 1156 led bulb foglight. The fury was such that it not only renewed with two more generations but also created the CLA.

The German house wanted to apply this same idea on a smaller and more affordable vehicle, and the formula quickly gave good results. Currently, the second installment of the CLA is active, a model that has collected all the good things from Class A, and that has been applied together with that unique design.

Until not long ago, the Mercedes-Benz CLA reigned freely and without great worries, since there was no direct rival for him. However, BMW has wanted to tickle it with its new Series 2 Gran Coupé, a model that will give much to talk about, and that will make the CLA climb into the ring.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Audi A3 sedan

We have taken this last rival a little with tweezers since it could also face the Mercedes A-Class Sedan more immediately. But it is that Audi has wanted to make its A3 even more versatile with this Sedan variant, which refuses that aesthetic coupé but in its favor offers more usable interior space and a very wide range of engines.

Although we do not know if BMW has in mind to launch an M2 Grand Coupe, it could become a very interesting opponent for the Audi RS3 Sedan. However, it will not be until the renewal of the compact of the four rings when this battle is more fair, since BMW takes the lead in terms of technology, for example.

Audi A3 sedan