Tips to Help Drive in the Summer

Heat, congested roads, eating during the trip or the appearance of fatigue during summer trips, many situations arise behind the wheel, especially in the outbound operation. Do you know how to solve them? We give you some tips to face the exit operation.


Summer concentrates the largest movements of vehicles on roads throughout the year. Even if you have planned the trip and consulted the state of the roads before leaving, withholdings may be unavoidable.

If you immersed in a traffic jam, keep the proper safety distance at all times with the vehicle in front to avoid reach in case of sudden braking. Check that the separation is correct both in progress and in detentions. When it stops, do it where you see the wheels of the vehicle ahead. And continually observe the mirrors to avoid scopes, especially in accelerations. And do not rely on the moments of slow movement or when you see the clear road: the retention can return a few meters later.

Also, keep the cabin well ventilated, be patient and respectful of other drivers and forget the stress: you’re on vacation!

drive in the summer


At this time, the greater brightness in the central hours of the day can cause eyestrain more quickly to the driver. Also, take special care with glare during sunrise and sunset. Use sunglasses as a ‘barrier’ of protection, taking into account their absorption index of ultraviolet and infrared rays and protection against glare from glare. And remember that sight also needs rest.


We may all have an unforeseen event during the march that forces us to stop the vehicle. If a passenger is unwell, detects a flat tire (vibrations in the steering wheel or the back of the vehicle) or any breakdown, keep calm and immobilize the vehicle out of the way whenever possible (on highways and expressways it is mandatory to abandon them). If this is impossible, then immobilize on the right shoulder, avoiding invading the road.

Signal your situation with the emergency lights and place the triangles at least 50 meters from the vehicle, so that other drivers can react properly. During detention, if you must wait for one or change a wheel, do not expose yourself to the risk run over and keep the occupants out of the vehicle.

drive in the summer


Drive quietly and, suddenly, a collision between two vehicles in front of you. What to do? If you witness the accident, continue the march, stop the vehicle in a safe place and call the emergency number 112.

But if you encounter an accident on the road and there are still victims without help, stop the vehicle where you cannot pose a risk. Please put on the vest and apply the PAS protocol (Protect, Warn and Help): protect the area by signaling with lights and triangles; notify emergency services by phone; and give first aid to the injured, as long as you know how to do it. Remember that drivers must help in an accident without causing new hazards.


When driving this summer, keep these recommendations in mind:


  • Begin your journey after resting well and never on an empty stomach.
  • Driving for a long time is a light activity that does not need extra energy.
  • An inadequate diet favors drowsiness, causes fatigue and reduces reflexes.
  • Eat varied, lightly and frequently, several times throughout the day.
  • Opt for foods with carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals.
  • Avoid very salty, spicy and high-fat foods: they can irritate the stomach and increase acidity.
  • After eating, try to relax and take a walk: during digestion, attention decreases and driving performance is reduced by up to 10%.


  • Being always hydrated while driving helps maintain attention and react quickly to the wheel. Of course, avoid alcohol.
  • Alcohol is the greatest enemy of driving: it increases drowsiness and promotes dehydration among other damages.
  • Do not abuse coffee or other stimulant drinks. And in no case do the effects of alcohol or fatigue diminish.
  • Drink frequently in small amounts: dehydration also causes muscle fatigue.
  • Water, soft drinks or fresh fruit and vegetable juices will help you hydrate.
  • Avoid very hot liquids and soft drinks.

drive in the summer


Undoubtedly, short journeys are just as dangerous or more than long ones, because the driver usually pays less attention, usually prepares less and there are even times that one does not go with the right footwear. In these journeys, we must pay the same attention or more than any long trip and comply with all traffic regulations.


  • Take the car to the workshop to review the elements that affect safety. And also the motorcycle.
  • Find out about the best route and even possible alternatives or routes with more kilometers of highway.
  • Always with a belt in the car. Fasten it correctly and always before starting.
  • If you are riding a motorcycle, helmet and appropriate clothing even if it is hot, forget flip flops, shorts.
  • Carry your mobile phone in case you need it in an emergency, but never use it while driving.
  • Children, with a Retention System appropriate to their size and weight, at least up to 1.35 m. tall, and the smallest, in the opposite direction.
  • If you transport pets, take them in a carrier. If they are large, also in the trunk, separated by a rack.
  • Stop and rest during the trip every two hours or 200 kilometers. Hydrate yourself, but never drink alcohol if you drive.

How to Replace a Start-stop Battery

Nowadays, there are 80% of cars currently equipped with the Start-Stop function. This result makes changing the battery an increasingly complex operation. In the case of those that have the Start-Stop system, they should always be replaced by a professional to avoid problems in the short or medium term. This system allows you to save on fuel, but what happens when you run out of battery?

In a vehicle with a conventional battery, we usually think of connecting our battery to another car with tweezers. In the case of Start-Stop batteries you can do so as long as the other car has the same capacity or if possible more so that the battery that will give up the energy does not suffer. It is also important to keep in mind that the connection of the clamps is different from that of conventional batteries. It is essential to follow the conditions of the vehicle manufacturer.

Start-Stop battery

  1. First, you must connect the positive pole of both batteries with the red clamp.
  2. Then connect the black clamps directly to a sturdy and unpainted metal part of each engine compartment. Never do it to the negative terminals of the two batteries.
  3. Follow the same steps as to start a conventional battery, start the car with the battery charged, and then the other.
  4. Let a couple of minutes go by and connect some elements such as the thermal window before disconnecting the clamps. Remember to disconnect black first and then red.

Start-Stop battery life

The half-life of a Start-Stop battery should be similar to that of a conventional battery, about five years. As with conventional batteries, its useful life can reduce if the car is parked for several days outdoors and with temperatures below zero.

Start-Stop battery

Can I extend the life of a Start-Stop battery?

It is somewhat complicated since it is the vehicle itself that deactivates the Start-Stop system when the battery starts to discharge. You can disconnect the Start-Stop system, but this would lead to increased consumption.

How much fuel saved with the Start-Stop system?

On a theoretical level, the Start-Stop system reduces consumption by 10 to 20%. In practice, it depends on how much you travel around the city and the duration of the stops. As an engine consumes more when it starts, the operation of the Start-Stop system compensates after six seconds of stopping.

Can you change a Start-Stop battery yourself?

The answer is no. It is necessary to use special equipment connected to the vehicle control unit to indicate that the battery has replaced. If this process did not carry out, error lights would light up, which may cause vehicle malfunctions or cause the car not to start.

Start-Stop battery

What happens if the battery I installed is not the one indicated by the brand?

You should not have any problem as long as they have the same technical characteristics and are of a first brand. Installing a lower capacity could cause operational problems or reduce life.

We recommend you always consult the opinion of a professional when changing your battery to find out which is the model that best suits your car and make the change safely. Also, do not forget to check your battery in times of colder and hot times in which it is more common weakening or the end of its useful life.

How to Keep Your Car in the New States

For many, the car is our second home. Inside we spend almost as much time as on the living room sofa, we clean it more on the outside. It will be because the exterior washing systems are fast and effective and the interior must be cleaned by hand and involves more time and dedication.

Land of shoes accumulates, greasy from pollution, food scraps from children’s snacks. And every time you open the door you promise yourself that this weekend does not happen, that you want me to smell like When I was new There is no greater pleasure. But to feel it, you first have to keep your promise.

clean the car interior


First, empty the car completely. Surely you get a surprise of the number of things that accumulate under the seats and have a life of their own. Then follow these steps:

  • Remove the mats, and pass the vacuum cleaner both on the floor and through the seats.

We go now with a thorough cleaning. You can use a bucket with water (better warm) and soap for an apparent cleaning or specific products to obtain a professional cleaning. Here we show you some so you know what you can find now in the market.

clean the car interior

  • For the dashboard and plastic elements, you need a product that removes grease and dust from surfaces such as Bioecolimp Super protect. If your dashboard has lost color over time, you can bet on a Dashboard renovator. You have them with a shine like the Autobrill Citric 750ml or with a satin effect like the GS27 400ml.
  • The upholstery. Cleaning it will only be necessary if after passing the vacuum we find some stain that must remove. Now there are very easy-to-use products and they even carry the built-in brush. Choose the upholstery cleaner for leather or textile depending on the case.
  • And it is the turn of the crystals. Liquid cleaner or wipes will return the transparency to the moons of the vehicle.

clean the car interior

Using the right products accelerates the task, but if what you need is an express cleaning of the car inside, we recommend the Norauto Wipes. Faster, impossible. Always carry them in the car, they will get you out of trouble and allow you to keep the car clean in seconds.

Most cleaning products already include fragrance. So, at the same time that you return the brightness and splendor to the interior of the vehicle, you are eliminating the accumulated odors. Still, you can always reinforce the pleasant smell with an air freshener.