How to quickly replace the Cabin Filter on BMW X5 F15?

Today, I want to make a quickly guide telling how tow replace the Cabin Filter on BMW X5 F15.

The accessories you will need:

  • Cabin filter,
  • Flathead screwdriver

The replacement process will take about 30 minutes.


1. On the Left side (guest side) Eliminate the trim cover, Watch out for the 2 locking tabs (see the photo listed below) on the Left as well as center see to it its launched, after that Lift the back part up as revealed on pic (see the image below);


2. On the Left side (guest side) Eliminate the trim cover, Keep an eye out for the 2 securing tabs (see the photo listed below) on the Left and facility ensure its launched, then Raise the back component up as revealed on image (see the picture listed below);


3. Remove the Windshield washing machine waterline brace;


4. Eliminate the gas support strut. This will certainly provide a lot more flexibility to eliminate the cabin filter box;

CAUTION: make certain the hood dosen’t come down on your head, make use of a stick and support hood as needed


To get rid of use the level head screwdriver and also insert it under the securing clip and also tear it up (see fig 1 left), while maintaining the clip tore open, utilize your hand and also pull the head of the strut out of the outlet (see fig 2 facility) as soon as removed relocate the strut away.


5. Get rid of the cabin filter lid, there is a plastic lock tab between (see the photo listed below);


6. Raise from the lock tab after that pull towards you and also it must glide out;


7. Flip the cabin filter owner over and also you’ll see the filters on the edge there are press tabs to get rid of the filter, and filter sets up one method and also see to it it’s safeguarded before setting up;


8. When reinstalling cabin filter top make certain you align the lid to the notches on the bottom component of the filter (see the image below);


9. Re-install the top cover/trim, this can get difficult now there are 3 things you require to realign so as to get it inappropriately. Start straightening the RED BOX (see the picture below) first there are 3 openings as well as 2 tabs and also 1 V-shaped tab that requires to align initially prior to it fits some fidgeting is required to obtain them in. When you obtain the leading part in making sure the BLUE BOX (see the photo below) tab locked in the area and also Rainwater channel is placed appropriately. Do not forget to clip lock clip in the center YELLOW BOX (see the image below);


10. Reinstall your hood strut, no requirement to tear the C-CLIP simply POP it back in, and also reinstall the windscreen washing machine water line bracket on to the strut;

And that has to do with it. The Adjustment intervals are Every 10k miles or 1-2 years which depending on how dusty is on your area.

How to Replace 6hp26 fluid and filter on BMW E70 X5

In order to replace the 6hp26 fluid and filter, we need to work under the automobile, but please remember that it is inherently dangerous to work under a car. So ramps, jack stand or lift is necessary to be used for preventing injuries or death as well as assisting you in sliding/getting under the car.

Other Necessary Accessories:

  • A good quality/brand Torx set (dimension T40), I can not worry sufficient of getting a good quality torx bit, do not buy harbor freight, cal-hawk etc scrap unless you intend to remove your heads.
  • A good brand torque wrench for much better precision as well as prevent from stripping heads.
  • Filler device (napa suction and also fill device).
  • Drain pipes pans/buckets (one that can determine capacity).
  • Infrared thermostat gun (check pan sum temperature).
  • As well as lots of paper towel shop dustcloths ect.
  • While all things are ready, let’s begin to work.

Remove the acoustic/protective plastic under pan. There are 8-10 10mm screws that need to be removed first.

Then, you can see the transmission pan.

Locate the fill plug (right back quarter of transmission) as well as loosen it (leave the nut on), it is EXTREMELY ESSENTIAL that the vital sits in great and limited to prevent opening up the fill and removing plug before the drainpipe plug, I think its H10-H12 hex socket (not extremely certain as I didn’t have an essential collection with markings)

Find the drain plug (center rear of the frying pan) and remove make use of an H10 outlet to get rid of, make sure to put a pan under to collect for dimension.

Out comes the old liquid, the liquid needs to be lacking burning odor, color dark brown, not black, as well as no metal shavings or glimmers in the liquid. Remove the T40 hex screws while it’s draining.

You only can remove 18 of the 22 bolts the 4 screws that are located in the rear are really tight fits because of the transfer instance suspension brace that is in the method. (see red arrow).

You’ll need a T40 1/4 little bit as well as a 1/4 wrench If you have a grinder/machining tool you can grind off component of the little bit and possibly bonded it on the wrench or what i did utilize cells paper to rubbing fit it, this approach will certainly side right in w/o any kind of problems, you’ll simply have to utilize some elbow grease to painfully slow down of loosening the screw off the frying pan. This approach does not require you to go down the Transfer instance as the device is small sufficient to fit in to the slot!

Slide your cut little bit on the ring part of the wrench, and also currently you can slide between the space and also eliminate the 4 bolt.

You have to decrease the transfer instance suspension brace in order to obtain access to those screws if you do not have a cutter or a grinder to reduce the bit. Highlighted in yellow is only part of the TC brace.

Prior to you loosen the transfer case bolts place a jack under the transfer case to sustain it, you don’t desire it to go down on you or harm the prop shaft or any type of other elements.

Right here you can see the representation, there’s a total of 6x 16mm dimension bolts that require to be loosen hidden screw situated on the appropriate side highlighted in red box, there will be an exhaust pipe block it.

Here’s is the hidden bolt in perspective you have enough space to glide a wrench to loosen it.

Once you loosen up all the screws you can gradually decrease it to gain access to those screws, be sure you have a catch can below extra fluid will certainly gush out!

Now although you lower the TC bracket down, the area still limited. A T40 outlet won’t fit, however, a 1/4 little bit T40 connected with a 1/4in wrench will certainly fit barely with the TC bracket decreased.

This is a little more involved yet this route you’ll have the ability to access the bolts with no trouble, you require to effectively support the TC you’ll require a broad base flooring jack or something to hold the TC while you drop the TC assistance bracket this path is a little scary for me as well as really did not do this path but I did consider around. Every little thing in yellow needs to be eliminated!

You can finally drop the frying pan down when you get rid of the screws off the frying pan! Watch for any type of cords or lines that are connected on the frying pan Carefully draw it straight down there will certainly be oil left in the pan so be careful!

On the 35d there’s a nox sensing unit situated on the top right corner (traveler side) of the pan is connected to the pan remove it initially before dropping the frying pan.

Remove the clip from the frying pan and also re-install on to brand-new frying pan.

See to it, the O ring is still on the consumption tube seen in the picture, and also not stuck on the valve body.

This is what it looks like without O ring.

Clean the surface off with some rag or paper tower make sure you don’t cause a deep scratch on the surface or this will cause leaking problem.

Then reinstall the oil pan.

Take your new pan as well as tape up the pan tightening up series on the bottom of the frying pan.

eliminate the cap and also lube up the O-ring with the trans liquid on the transmission oil pickup tube and also cap it back up until your all set to mount.

Get rid of the dirt cap prior to installment.

Bear in mind the 4 back bolts that were hard to access … To save me from turmoil in the future you can utilize hex screws on them you’ll require a 4x M6x1.0 30mm (at the very least 8.8 grade) and also 4x M6 fender washer (also known as broad washing machines). Essentially, if you desire, you might change all the torx 22 head with this configuration.

Mount and also hand limited at bolts first or use power device in cheapest torque setup!

Then torque them as much as 10 lb/ft or 8 nm in the pattern/arrangement of the paper this guarantee correct and also even securing of the frying pan.

Don’t failed to remember to set up the clip on brand-new pan and reattach the nox sensor wire to the clip.

Engine should not be running at this minute! DO NOT BEGIN ENGINE!
It is time to filler up.

Make sure that the cars and truck as well as the pan is leveled make use of a lever tool.

WITH THE ENGINE OFF! Open the fill port and also start pumping in brand-new fluid.

Pumping in the liquid might obtain unpleasant great deals of paper towel and gloves is required, and also the oil has extremely solid hydrocarbon odor.

Maintain pumping till you get a stream leaking out such as this, First fill just device 2.5 quarts for me.

Following see to it you’re in a well ventilated location, make sure that the headlights radio and also A/C are switched off before starting, if possible obtain a 2nd person or on your own, BEGIN the vehicle, with the cars and truck running rapidly go underneath and start pumping added liquid.

With the vehicle running pump until your get a stream like this.

Mount the fill plug loosely.

With the second person, or by yourself, move the equipment in the adhering to pattern:
P to R to N to D to DS to M1 > M2 > M3 back to D to N to R after that P with 1-2 2nd time out in between changes.


After executing the moving procedure open the fill port and besure to round off the fluid till its streaming.

Utilize a IR thermometer as well as check the sump temperature. Preliminary check temperature must be between 30 ℃-35 ℃.


As soon as you reached 30 ℃-35℃, open the fill port, there will be 3 feasible outcomes;

a. Close it if the fluid is continuously streaming out enable it to come to a drip

b. If the fluid is coming out as decreases close it

c. If there’s no fluid streaming out re-fill the transmission sump frying pan till it streams out then shut it


Now you have to wait till the sump pan is temperature depends on 40℃ this will certainly be your last check for currently. DO NOT ALLOW SUMP TEMPERATURE TO REACH UP TO 50 ℃ or wrong degree will occur.


Once it rises to 40 ℃, open the fill port, there will certainly be 3 possible results:

a. If the fluid is gradually streaming out enable it to come to a drip, after that close it as well as you’re done

b. , if the fluid is coming out as drips close it as well as you’re done

c. After that wait till to comes to a drip close it as well as your done, if there’s no fluid streaming out replenish the transmission sump frying pan till it streams


Torque nut to 30 nm or 22 lb/ft

Once you’re done, reinstall the protective/acoustic transmission pan cover as well as take it for a 20-mile drive, on street and also highway.

A second check is suggested (not required) to make sure that your degree is appropriate.

After driving enable time to cool recommend leaving it over night to cool down.


That has to do with it, the complete time for me to record and also have all these barricades took me 9 hours however since I recognize what to do next time it ought to just take me 1-2 hrs to do in the future.

How to Swap Xenon D1S Headlight Bulb on 2009 BMW E7

If the headlight of your BMW vehicle turns to pink color. it means that the factory xenon headlight bulb on its way failure. How can we replace the hid bulbs? Just follow my steps.

Turn all lights off, remove fob and remove headlight fuse if you like! And refer to my image below, the yellow area is headlight back cover and blue arrow is where you can best access the working area.

Refer to the workshop manual from X5 E70, not exactly but the turning direction is same.

And this is the close picture to the dust color behind the retrofitting headlight housing.

While we want to remove the bulb, we need to disconnect power plug from bulb seat first.

A new and high-quality D1S hid bulbs are necessary, I recommend you buy from Philips, Osram.

You need open the retainer ring on the old hid bulb and transfer it to the new one, red arrow show the weak point of the bulb.

For the installation, it is just reverse to how to remove the old hid bulb, and make sure that you do not touch any part of bulb, in case touched then use rubbing alcohol clean it.

Besides, make sure retainer ring and power plug are seated firmly.

Then, I believe you have done it perfectly. I suggest you to replace both side together because while one bulb die, another one will also die soon.

If any question, please leave me a comment.