How to Upgrade BMW E90 Halogen Headlights to LEDs?

Part and tools:

Replacement Process:

1, You want to remove the dust cover at the bottom of the wheel arch in order to get access to your headlight bulbs in the back. You need to do to remove clips and the backing cover to get access to direct bulbs.

2, Remove the clip and remove the backing cover to get access to the bulb.

3, Once you have two covers removed from your headlights, you want to take a whole shot and drill a substantial amount of the cover so that your LED fan can have a space to breathe.

4, Once you have drilled a hole on the dust cover, you want to remove your old H7 bulb.

As you can see, this is the difference between the old H7 and then you see the LED headlight has the built-in fan.

5, When installing, the first thing you’d want to do is you want to insert the h7 socket. You’d insert that and fix the socket into your headlights.

6, Once you have the socket installed, you want to insert your LED bulbs, it’s easy just by pushing it right into the unit itself.

Be sure to have your individual LED bulbs installed at which the LEDs are facing side to side, the added LED bulb itself must be facing straight, it should not be side to side.

7, Once you have your bulb correctly installed, you can close up and reinsert your covers.

8, And we just finish the replacement. There’s no modification to do, juts a simple replacement.


One thing should be mentioned:

You have to drill through the protective dust cover just to allow for the fan to have spacing to go through, but you can choose to put a plastic sealer or you can put an extra bit of anything that you can do. Just cover up the hole that you made will be all perfect, then no water will get into the headlight itself.

I haven’t had any major issues with this method. I have had the lenses getting cloudy as the lense got cold and the led bulbs do not generate as much heat as the regular halogen bulbs. Drilling through the backing cover is the only way for clearance for the bulb. I then covered it up with a piece of vinyl on each side. This prevents water getting in and any moisture forming. A more permanent solution is to shorten an aerosol spray paint cap and use a sealing silicon

Ultimate Guide to Change the Air Bag Suspension!

An air bag suspension broken will cause rear suspension sag. If meeting this problem, you gotta change an air bag suspension. But just how to do that? This is the ultimate guide for you. Hope this helps.

This was a pretty easy DIY as others had posted. But please be careful and no to injure yourself or damage your vehicle.

1, loosen the lug bolts on your wheel.

2, raise the rear and place on jack stands.

3, remove wheel.

4, this morning was one of the mornings where my bag wasn’t sagging so I had to remove the underside panel on the right side of the vehicle to locate the compressor and loosen the line going to my driver’s side bag. On our X5’s there are 2 lines; a blue and a red. The driver’s side line is the red line. However, in case yours aren’t color coded, if you are looking at the compressor from the passenger side of the vehicle looking toward the center of the vehicle the left line goes to the driver’s side and the right line goes to the passenger side air bag.

Just loosen it slightly until you hear the sounds whistling out of the line. This will deflate the suspension air bag completely. Once finished, remove the suspension air bag by unclipping the bottom of the air bag from the suspension hole. This is easily done with a flat head screw driver by pushing in on the tabs on either side and pushing up at the same time. It will “pop” right out.

5, turn the top of the bag clock-wise (IIRC) 90 degrees and the whole bag will come out.

6, loosen the 10mm nut on the air line going into the air bag and remove and discard the nut and collar. IF YOU ARE USING OEM BAG, DO NOT remove the collar and nut. You will re-use it.

Once the line is removed, discard the old bag and insert the line into the new Arnott air bag. Note, remove the white cap on the Arnott bag first. This line will not need to be tightened in place and instead will stay in place. Just make sure to push the line all the way in and secure the line along the side of the air bag (this will be obvious when you install, sorry no pics).

7, install the new bag into the upper part of the vehicle where it secures by a counter-clockwise rotation. This part was the hardest for me as I couldn’t get the tabs to line up into the whole. Once in place, you’ll notice that the air bag doesn’t extend all the way to the bottom suspension. That’s because the air bag comes deflated.

CAUTION: Note how much distance there is from the bottom of the air bag to the bottom of the suspension whole.

8, raise the driver side suspension slowly to guide the bottom of the air bag into the whole in the bottom suspension. It will easily pop into place.

Button everything back up, install wheel, start the car and wait about 2 minutes before you begin lowering the vehicle. Slowly lower the vehicle in increments so the bag can fill with air. NEVER EVER LOWER THE X5 ON A COMPLETELY DEFLATED AIR BAG.

I only did one side today but I will tackle the other side soon. Since I’ve done it once and know what I’m doing it shouldn’t take me more than an hour to do the other side.

Hope this helps for anybody experiencing the dreaded suspension sag.

How to Change BMW X5 E70 Differential Fluid?

Parts and tools:

  • Mighty Vac oil extractor (or any plunger/syringe ect to draw out the fluid)
  • 14mm hex socket
  • Various clear flexible vinyl hose (to extract)
  • 2L of 75w-90 GL-5 spec (i used Liqui Moly 75W-90)
  • Oil drain pan
  • Floor jack
  • Torque Wrench
  • New rubber O-ring for the plug


1. Make sure your car is level ground, place an oil drain pan below the diff, then get your 14mm hex bit and remove the fill plug, replace the rubber-O-ring on it.

2. Insert your oil extract hose into the fill port hole of the differential there is no drain plug on the E70’s so your going to have to use some sort of oil extractor or syringe.Pro-Tip: to extract the most oil out of your diff, use the floor jack and lift the front of the car this will allow all the fluid to pool at the back of the diff, and use an 90* Angle bend or a U shaped hose for easier extraction.

3. Start pumping the mighty vac or extract the fluid you should get ~1L out.

4. Fill the Differential till its begin to streams or leaks out of the hole it took about 1L + ~100ml. This particular brand (Liqui Moly) has a build in spout for easy fill i just stick it in there and fill it up.

You can bend the pipe and it will still fill up just fine with no leaks!

Tilt it up so you can get the most out of the bottle.

5. Then replace the cap and torque it down to 44 lb/ft torque or 60nm, as per BMW tightening bolt spec sheet. The AutoZone’s hex socket was a tooth too long for the click torque wrench to fit but it eventually with some fussing with it.

No changes in driveability, the fluid that came out was Golden honey brown, not bad assuming that was in there for 5 years and 68k miles. No metal shavings (had a NEO Denyum magnet around the mighty vac oil extraction line) observed.