How to Replace the BMW E70 HID Headlight Bulb?

This DIY overview can relate to the E70, and also potentially various other versions like the E71/E72 as well that may make use of the exact same wire clip retention style.

The substitute process will certainly take about 45 minutes for a beginner.



  • D1S Hid light bulb(s).
  • Gloves (nitrile or rubber; to avoid hand oils getting on the light bulb. DO NOT touch the light bulb or you’ll produce hotspots on the glass and also it will have a shorter life).
  • Big flathead screwdriver or plastic wedge tool (to help obtain the harness off the light bulb base; not required).
  • Camping headlamp (to give you much more light inside the fender to be able to see what you’re doing).
  • Cellular phone cam (to take a picture of the interior capsule to aid lead your job).


Okay, let’s begin.

1. Open the hood. You will be working from the interior of the front fender, as viewed from the engine bay (see images below).

2. Open up headlight situation low light beam cover. On each side headlight situation, there are 2 covers that subject the front lights inside. The spin-off inboard one is for the angel eyes light bulb (2011 as well as older), and also the clipped outboard one is the for access to the reduced beam of light (this is what you intend to open up– it remains in the fender recess). To obtain the outboard access cover off, there’s a tab on the extremely leading– just push down on the tab to allow the top portion to swing back. It will certainly come straight off as well as will disclose the inside.

3. Get rid of D1s base owner retention clips. In the revealed outer gain access to the hole, you’ll see a silver circuitry harness, it will certainly be connected to all-time low of the D1S base. Utilizing that as a marker, by blind feel, you’ll feel 2 thin cables safeguarding the D1S base. You’ll need to press each retention cable towards the D1S base, then in the direction of the facility of the bulb to launch it. Research the image.

4. Disconnect D1S circuitry harness. Thoroughly take out the D1S light bulb by gradually backing it out (gently push the clips sideways as essential to remove your D1S bulb/base). After that, separate the circuitry harness. You might require a huge flathead screwdriver to assist wedge out the electrical wiring harness a bit, after that use your hands when you can to remove the harness from the D1S bulb.

For the installation, it is reverse the process above.


My Suggestion:

1. The electrical wiring harness has areas for 4 adapters, yet just 1,2,4 have pins. If you shed positioning, check the harness as well as bulb to make certain it’s aligned properly when reinstalling the D1S light bulb to the harness.

2. On the step 3, install the headlight by shaking as well as pushing forward the light bulb till it’s safe in the headlight. Replace the retention clips (When re-installing the protecting clips to the D1S base by blind feeling, make use of a cell phone to confirm the clips are in the correct place).

3. On the step 2, this is possibly the most irritating part of re-installing. On the gain access to cover, you’ll see there are 2 lower protecting legs. These protecting legs need to fit into the front lights pill openings. The holes are just under a protruding circumferential lip. Make use of a camping headlamp to brighten the location to get one foot in, after that the various other foot. You can after that turn the access cover closed through the leading securing tab as soon as you do this.

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