How to quickly replace the Cabin Filter on BMW X5 F15?

Today, I want to make a quickly guide telling how tow replace the Cabin Filter on BMW X5 F15.

The accessories you will need:

  • Cabin filter,
  • Flathead screwdriver

The replacement process will take about 30 minutes.


1. On the Left side (guest side) Eliminate the trim cover, Watch out for the 2 locking tabs (see the photo listed below) on the Left as well as center see to it its launched, after that Lift the back part up as revealed on pic (see the image below);


2. On the Left side (guest side) Eliminate the trim cover, Keep an eye out for the 2 securing tabs (see the photo listed below) on the Left and facility ensure its launched, then Raise the back component up as revealed on image (see the picture listed below);


3. Remove the Windshield washing machine waterline brace;


4. Eliminate the gas support strut. This will certainly provide a lot more flexibility to eliminate the cabin filter box;

CAUTION: make certain the hood dosen’t come down on your head, make use of a stick and support hood as needed


To get rid of use the level head screwdriver and also insert it under the securing clip and also tear it up (see fig 1 left), while maintaining the clip tore open, utilize your hand and also pull the head of the strut out of the outlet (see fig 2 facility) as soon as removed relocate the strut away.


5. Get rid of the cabin filter lid, there is a plastic lock tab between (see the photo listed below);


6. Raise from the lock tab after that pull towards you and also it must glide out;


7. Flip the cabin filter owner over and also you’ll see the filters on the edge there are press tabs to get rid of the filter, and filter sets up one method and also see to it it’s safeguarded before setting up;


8. When reinstalling cabin filter top make certain you align the lid to the notches on the bottom component of the filter (see the image below);


9. Re-install the top cover/trim, this can get difficult now there are 3 things you require to realign so as to get it inappropriately. Start straightening the RED BOX (see the picture below) first there are 3 openings as well as 2 tabs and also 1 V-shaped tab that requires to align initially prior to it fits some fidgeting is required to obtain them in. When you obtain the leading part in making sure the BLUE BOX (see the photo below) tab locked in the area and also Rainwater channel is placed appropriately. Do not forget to clip lock clip in the center YELLOW BOX (see the image below);


10. Reinstall your hood strut, no requirement to tear the C-CLIP simply POP it back in, and also reinstall the windscreen washing machine water line bracket on to the strut;

And that has to do with it. The Adjustment intervals are Every 10k miles or 1-2 years which depending on how dusty is on your area.

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