How to Keep Your Car in the New States

clean the car interior

For many, the car is our second home. Inside we spend almost as much time as on the living room sofa, we clean it more on the outside. It will be because the exterior washing systems are fast and effective and the interior must be cleaned by hand and involves more time and dedication.

Land of shoes accumulates, greasy from pollution, food scraps from children’s snacks. And every time you open the door you promise yourself that this weekend does not happen, that you want me to smell like When I was new There is no greater pleasure. But to feel it, you first have to keep your promise.

clean the car interior


First, empty the car completely. Surely you get a surprise of the number of things that accumulate under the seats and have a life of their own. Then follow these steps:

  • Remove the mats, and pass the vacuum cleaner both on the floor and through the seats.

We go now with a thorough cleaning. You can use a bucket with water (better warm) and soap for an apparent cleaning or specific products to obtain a professional cleaning. Here we show you some so you know what you can find now in the market.

clean the car interior

  • For the dashboard and plastic elements, you need a product that removes grease and dust from surfaces such as Bioecolimp Super protect. If your dashboard has lost color over time, you can bet on a Dashboard renovator. You have them with a shine like the Autobrill Citric 750ml or with a satin effect like the GS27 400ml.
  • The upholstery. Cleaning it will only be necessary if after passing the vacuum we find some stain that must remove. Now there are very easy-to-use products and they even carry the built-in brush. Choose the upholstery cleaner for leather or textile depending on the case.
  • And it is the turn of the crystals. Liquid cleaner or wipes will return the transparency to the moons of the vehicle.

clean the car interior

Using the right products accelerates the task, but if what you need is an express cleaning of the car inside, we recommend the Norauto Wipes. Faster, impossible. Always carry them in the car, they will get you out of trouble and allow you to keep the car clean in seconds.

Most cleaning products already include fragrance. So, at the same time that you return the brightness and splendor to the interior of the vehicle, you are eliminating the accumulated odors. Still, you can always reinforce the pleasant smell with an air freshener.

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