How to fix BMW X5 E70 Oil Filter Housing Leak Problem?

If you have clean the oil filter and replace the oil filter gasket O-ring, but oil stills shows up at all over the alternator and whatever that is below it. You may need to do a good cleaning that the leak has created for quite sometime.

This is a common problem on the N54’s which indeed carry on to the N55 as well.


  • Heat exchanger gasket #11427525335
  • Oil Filter Housing gasket #11427537293
  • BMW blue coolant



  • Torx bits
  • Torx sockets
  • E10 torx wrench
  • and basic tools ratchet, extensions, etc


*Before proceeding, I am in no other way in charge of any kind of incident, missing nuts/bolt, removing nuts/bolt, cel, engine failing, explosions, fire, and so on. Work at your own pace as well as the skilled level. This job requires you to back out the consumption manifold in order to get to “ONE” ridiculous bolt on the housing.*


First, remove the reduced skid pad so oi, as well as coolant, does not get on it. You do not require to if you aren’t a thorough person.

Remove aluminum stress and anxiety bar thats over the radiator area (4 bolts).

Remove Airfilter box, upper and reduced fifty percent. Reduced fifty percent is hung on with 3 rubber grommet, so raise directly firmly.

Remove the various other cover in the opposite side and also you’ll see the ugliest engine ever before.

Next, Remove the intake manifold.

Remove these 2 torx screws on the back of the manifold:

Remove the Manifold. There are 6 nuts and also 1 screw, the X on the back is behind the big cord loom.

Now draw regarding it will move, you might need to wedge a screwdriver initially to divide the gasket. Until the gap looks like this:

You can use the E10 wrench below yet I chose the e10 outlet with ext rather, much easier.

Currently you can drain a few of the coolant, nearly 1-2 qt, genuine OEM reveals there’s a drainpipe plug on the radiator. I could not situate it as it’s so confined in the location. So I just pull the Coolant pipe that is affixed to the housing and allow it spill around my good garage flooring. Great deals of towels.

I remove the Warm Exchanger first, 3 screws:

As you can see, the dirt and oil build up under it.

Remove the housing with 3 bolts.

Remove 2 crappy gasket, clean the housing and put on new gasket.

Tidy the surface of the engine surface area really good and clean up the rest of the engine. I utilize electrical parts spray cleaner for alternator as well as everything else.

Now place everything back. I likewise did an oil modification after i set up whatever back on as coolant can’ve seep via the oil passage throughout the Housing elimination.

Fill coolant. Bleed coolant (turn ignition on however do not crank the engine), hold gas pedal for concerning 10 sec or when you listen to the water pump moving. Ensure heat is on max as well as most affordable fan setup.

Afterward, I likewise let the engine still with the coolant cap open up to burp out even more air.

This had to do with a 3-hour job. Cost of the gasket was $12 each. Dealer will certainly charge somewhere $500-600.

Hope this helps out anyone that is out of warranty. If you have any problem on this process, welcome to leave me your question on comment.

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