BMW M8 North America Testing With Huge Rear Spoiler


High performance serving safety: the new BMW M8 MotoGP(TM) Safety Car. In-person – even under the bright lights of a late summer’s day in Vancouver and surrounded by all sorts of other precious metal from McLarens to Paganis – the Manufaktur has a definite presence. Indeed, when you think about it, a car like this deserves to a special hue, a little more flair than its brethren. That’s what sets vehicles like this apart, and I would guess it’s a big part of what people want when they’re shopping in this realm. The carbon fiber bits are especially inviting when set against the Fire Red backdrop; they seem to shine all that more brightly themselves. The M8 Competition, to those in the know, is a true mental car.


The Design

The distinctive Widmanstätten surface pattern of meteorites are seen all around the M850i. The extra-terrestrial material has an appearance of ice crystals. This finish is seen on the hand-stitched headliner and on the center console’s trim finishers. This distinctive meteorite pattern can also be seen on the exterior mirror caps, the front splitters, the center mesh plate and the surrounds for the vertical air vents on the front side panels. Housing with white 9012 led bulb kit, the pattern of meteorites would be shown more stylish.

Leather Options

In addition to the leather options for the S-Class, a design roof liner in Nappa leather is available exclusively for the Mercedes-Maybach. The leather trim extends to sunblinds, roof grab handle, pillar trim, both vanity mirrors in the rear with diamond quilting pattern, and the frames of the Burmester 3D loudspeakers. Elaborate topstitching on the three interior colors of Nappa leather available (black, porcelain and crystal grey) attest to the high level of craftsmanship involved in each vehicle’s fabrication.


New Features

To commemorate the long-anticipated return of the 8 Series to the BMW lineup after a hiatus of two decades, and to celebrate the launch of the new halo within the BMW portfolio, BMW Canada and BMW M have collaborated to bring forth the BMW M8 Individual Manufaktur Editions” which have been designed exclusively for the Canadian market and debut as the first special-edition M8’s in the world. Per our sources, the McLaren V12 (a modified S70) and the M8’s V12 were likely constructed by many of the same engineers hence a similar design and output but differed in areas such as overall length due to the horizontal intakes for a front-engine layout if the 8 compared to the vertical intakes of a mid-engined car The McLaren engine, from a design standpoint, shared quite a lot of characteristics and parts with the S50 engine of the E36 M3.

BMW Canada has just announced the BMW M8 Individual Manufaktur Edition which aims to pay tribute to the original BMW E31 M8 Prototype car. It’s hard to believe that it has been 9 years since we first saw the BMW M8 E31. It was during a trip to the BMW Welt when the Bavarians were just getting started on the BMW i sub-brand. So in contrast to the theme at hand, they decided to show, for the first time, the BMW M8 Prototype. And what a story this car has.


BMW M and BMW Canada unveiled a particular version BMW M8 in the present day, below the BMW M8 Particular person Manufaktur Version moniker. These particular fashions have been designed completely for the Canadian market and would be the first special-edition M8 fashions on this planet. They’re primarily based on the BMW M8 Coupe and have particular finishes and craftsmanship that’s certain to get your creativeness moving into a heartbeat.

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