The guide to install a 10W LED Halo bulb in BMW 60E

Today working on a 2006 model BMW E60 M5, we’re changing the halo bulbs out. This car came stock with 3500K yellow halo bulbs, it currently has about 6,000K 5 watt LED halos. But today we’re going to a 10 watt LED halo kit.

So we actually need to pull the lights out, remove both of those screws and see with the poor lighting in the garage but there are two eight millimeter bolts.

To wiggle the light out off without damaging any of your bumper or fender, you’ll need a six or nine inches to get down to those eight millimeter bolts.

It’s easier to unscrew it and then try to wiggle it out. With all the bolts, get the top out first and slide it towards the Ferrari and pull. There are two connectors on the back of the light. Get it out the bottom one a normal BMW connector, just press in on the tab and pull. And then the other one, you slide the huge thing the opposite way that it already is and it comes off.

Reach in and unscrew the high beam bulb, turn it counterclockwise and pull it out of the car.

Insert the bulb into the correct housing, turn it clockwise and it is done. Check out the little notches on the side of the bulb, there’s one squared off one, and then the other ones have a slanted edge the squared off one will go pretty much straight up. Maybe a little to one side, if you get in there with flashlights, you’ll see, line it up, push it in, turn it and plug everything in the seat that large connector inside the light, there’s plenty of room reinstall your bright bulb.

Lift the light up, install it in the car. With the 6000K 10 watt halo h7 led bulbs, it’s pretty much the same case same color temperature as the stock-car VG 2’s xenon bulbs.

They’re definitely brighter and both the stock bulbs, and the previous 5 watt halos so good upgrade definitely to do on the car. It is a little time consuming and difficult to pull everything out but if you’re patient and take your time you’ll get a great looking product.

MOST Misdiagnosed Oil Leak On BMW E46 M3

I am going to talk about the most misdiagnosed oil leak on BMW E46 M3. Usually, people mistake it for oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, or rear main seal.

You can see there’s a little bit of oil leaking from right here, it could be the rear main seal or the oil pan gasket, you need to check out that CPV o-ring which is all the way up on top of the block

I post a picture if we can find one of one with the you know the actual engine out of the car

You can see where I’m trying to get it out from that way that should help you position yours once you have it loosened I want closest to the passenger frame rail went through the opening above the headers and above the cats

Put a cut this o-ring, got a section cut through it then you just pull it right off

Replace the new o-ring, you might have a little bit of oil seep out from where this valve was just clean that up before you put the valve back in, clean up all the threads, the area on the block where the sits in before you put it back in

Make sure you use a Viton o-ring that we don’t have to do this again and obviously if you have like countless headers or anything this is a lot easier.

How to Upgrade BMW E90 Halogen Headlights to LEDs?

Part and tools:

Replacement Process:

1, You want to remove the dust cover at the bottom of the wheel arch in order to get access to your headlight bulbs in the back. You need to do to remove clips and the backing cover to get access to direct bulbs.

2, Remove the clip and remove the backing cover to get access to the bulb.

3, Once you have two covers removed from your headlights, you want to take a whole shot and drill a substantial amount of the cover so that your LED fan can have a space to breathe.

4, Once you have drilled a hole on the dust cover, you want to remove your old H7 bulb.

As you can see, this is the difference between the old H7 and then you see the LED headlight has the built-in fan.

5, When installing, the first thing you’d want to do is you want to insert the h7 socket. You’d insert that and fix the socket into your headlights.

6, Once you have the socket installed, you want to insert your LED bulbs, it’s easy just by pushing it right into the unit itself.

Be sure to have your individual LED bulbs installed at which the LEDs are facing side to side, the added LED bulb itself must be facing straight, it should not be side to side.

7, Once you have your bulb correctly installed, you can close up and reinsert your covers.

8, And we just finish the replacement. There’s no modification to do, juts a simple replacement.


One thing should be mentioned:

You have to drill through the protective dust cover just to allow for the fan to have spacing to go through, but you can choose to put a plastic sealer or you can put an extra bit of anything that you can do. Just cover up the hole that you made will be all perfect, then no water will get into the headlight itself.

I haven’t had any major issues with this method. I have had the lenses getting cloudy as the lense got cold and the led bulbs do not generate as much heat as the regular halogen bulbs. Drilling through the backing cover is the only way for clearance for the bulb. I then covered it up with a piece of vinyl on each side. This prevents water getting in and any moisture forming. A more permanent solution is to shorten an aerosol spray paint cap and use a sealing silicon