10 Tips to Drive Safe on the Road Trip

road trip

Thousands of trips expected for this summer, and that is why the DGT has already started the first “outgoing operation” to prevent accidents. It mostly caused by speed and distractions: according to a DGT study, in 2017, driving distractions were the first cause of fatal accidents (33%), followed by speeding (29%) and intake of alcohol (26%).

Therefore, from RO-DES, we want to give you some tips to make your car trip safer.

The first thing to keep in mind is the safety of all the vehicle occupants depends on you. As a driver, you are responsible for obeying and enforcing the rules for the rest of the passengers. It is not advisable to make sudden movements at the wheel or drive while tired or under the influence of any medication incompatible with driving.

road trip

  • Say NO to WhatsApp. The use of instant messaging applications on the mobile phone is very dangerous. According to a University of Granada study, answering a Whatsapp at the wheel increases the accident risk by up to 134% over 55 years.
  • Don’t take phone calls either. According to the National Observatory of Road Safety of the DGT, a phone call causes changes in the heart rate, deceleration of walking, slowness in reacting, and distraction concerning road signs.
  • Currently, mobile phones already have a system to avoid driver distractions by managing notifications and incoming calls. If you do not have this system, there are specific apps that are also free, such as Putting.
  • Organization of the trip. It is advisable to check the route to be traveled before departure, in case there could be works. Besides, it is also advisable to plan the stops that will make to rest and to refuel.
  • Comfortable ride . Especially if the journey is long, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It is also important to correctly adjust the seat so that your legs are in a comfortable position and in which the clutch foot reaches the bottom.

road trip

  • Good view. It is essential to clean the windshield before starting the trip. Also, if you wear prescription glasses, you should perform a vision check, you had changed your graduation. Remember to wear replacement glasses; According to the Vision and Life Association, poor vision multiplies the risk of an accident by 10.
  • It recommended wearing glasses that protect from UV rays to protect from the sun.
  • Precautions before starting the march. Regulate the height and distance of the seat, place the headrest 4 cm from the head and check all the mirrors on flat ground before starting.
  • All protected. Make sure all passengers are wearing a seat belt. Always take the little ones in the safety seat and check that it is well fixed. Remember not to carry loose objects and pets inside the cabin. If you are going to take bicycles, let it be in the bike carrier; Carrying them inside the car can cause serious damage to the occupants in case of braking.
  • At the wheel rested. Do not get behind the wheel after a day’s work. It is most appropriate to do so after sleeping at least 7 hours. We indicate what are the symptoms of fatigue so you can identify them and stop the march if necessary: ​​physical discomfort, constant blinking, automation of behaviors without realizing it, limb cramps.

road trip

Bonus: Are you going to travel abroad with your children? If you are going to leave Spain with your children, we recommend that you inform yourself of the regulations on child restraint in the country you are going to, as the legislation may change concerning ours.

If you follow all these tips, we are sure that you will not regret having invested a little of your time in your security.

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